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Which Essential Oil Am I?

“My leaves are spear like with a serrated edge. But I am much more gentler than my other family members. I am vivid green having an abundance of lilac flowers and it’s in these flowers that my essential oil is kept. I am found in the Mediterranean and throughout Europe and I have been around for many a long time…

Ancient Greeks bathed in my fragrance and to ease infections of the skin. In Medieval times, I was infused in drinking water to help stop the bugs from getting in.

I am a hardy plant but my essence is gentle. My therapeutic qualities, I am sure you will find essential.

Which Essential Oil Am I?

Here is a clue…

  • I may help itchy, irritated skin with my soothing effect
  • I may help clear acne, blemishes and decongest an oily skin
  • I can help ease headaches and migraines alike
  • Nausea and sickness are something else I can fight
  • If you want clarity of mind, perhaps consider me
  • Exam help and focus to allow you to see
  • Chesty coughs, bronchitis, sinusitis and asthma
  • Colic and flatulence and also dyspepsia
  • And if you get hiccups on a Friday night, I can help make it all alright
  • Nervous complaints like IBS
  • Wind and indigestion, I can help make less
  • Lift your spirits and ease mental fatigue
  • Travel sickness I can help most certainly indeed
Steam Distilled from the flowers

Which Essential Oil Am I?

If you haven’t already guessed, here is one more clue…

My leaves are enjoyed as a culinary herb, over potatoes, in a salad or maybe a stew.

I am Spearmint Essential Oil, Mentha Spicata.”

Spearmint essential oil is a safer, alternative to Peppermint. However, do not use if taking homeopathic medicine. This oil is safe for young and old.

Please, however, do be aware:

Essential oils are very powerful creations of nature. Less is often more. Please do gain the advice of a reputable professional before you take off the lid of any essential oil.

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