Treasures of Nature

Which Essential oil am I?

The sun is ablaze and a fresh scent of scent of summer is upon us. This is my first clue. Take the lid off my bottle and you may feel a wave of deeper awareness unfurl within. Breathe a little deeper and I can help grow your roots into the depths of Mother Earth. For I am grounding. I will give you the strength to gather your emotions, keeping you in a place of stability.

Grounding and connected to Mother Earth

I am your masculine side, your Yang side. I work with your analytical thoughts. If you need a  place of clear focus and grounding I may be good for you. If you need to sharpen your senses, stay alert or are seeking a deeper awareness within, I may be good for you.

My aroma is minty and pungent. But do not be deceived for I can calm and soothe when emotions are troubled. My relaxing personality may help high blood pressure but be aware…do not use me if your blood pressure is low.  

I love feet… I do anything for feet. I ground the feet and I soothe the feet. Carbuncles, athletes foot, corns and bunions are some problems I can help to heal. I may help an irritating cough for I connect with the throat chakra, our energy centre which helps you to understand and speak your inner truth.

Do you have an idea of who I am?

For the final clue, let’s step outside…

You may find me growing abundantly in the garden chasing away uninvited guests with my pungent aroma. I am strong. I will deter them. On the contrary, I am a friend to the hoverfly and many pollinating insects. The tomato plant is a close companion of mine and for that, I am a good friend to the allotment gardener.

So, now I will reveal myself…

I am Tagetes Glandulifera