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Elephant Rooms – Harmonise & Balance


***** Harmonising and balancing *****


A wonderfully harmonising synergy of Clary Sage, Geranium, Lavender and Sandalwood to help the mind, body and spirit come together with balance and unity.


I asked for guidance to help with this weeks oil blend and the answer came to me whilst feeding my hens this morning…


As i entered the outhouse, where my adorable girls live, I heard my bantam hen let out a shrieking crow sound. This has been going on for nearly 2 weeks now. She is plagued by her hormones. Sadly she thinks she is having chicks and she is bothered by hot sweats, irritable mood and is even taking resemblance of a cockerel by her early morning squawk.

We are all tormented by our hormones at some time or other. They are responsible for so much that goes off in our body. We are not just talking about PMT and Menopause but also sleep patterns, appetite, mood, body temperature, heart beat, energy levels and so on. We may be able to help ourselves by building stable foundations in the form of enjoying wholesome foods, keeping our physical bodies hydrated, gentle exercise, deep breathing and whatever makes us feel nourished and happy. When the mind and body are relaxed, our brain receives signals that “yay, everything is ok!” and this has a positive affect on our bodies, including our hormonal system.


This weeks harmonising blend is all about helping to balance our hormones and balance cortisol levels (stress hormones) that can play a big part in stress related problems. This wonderful combination also encourages tense muscles to relax and helps to soothe the mind, encouraging deeper sleep, whilst helping to reduce or re balance stress hormones in our body. The essential oils work with our mind, body and spirit to help achieve homeostasis.


Appointments available this Friday 24th May from 5.45pm.
30 mins, 60 mins and 90 mins appointments available.
Bespoke blends also available if you require a blend more tailored to your needs.
I am always happy to help.
Consultations will always be carried out before your appointment to ensure this
blend is suited for you.


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